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Basic OPTiX SiO2 maintenance product chart

Updated: May 5

The guys over at OPTiX Nano Technologies have made a comparison chart with the range of SiO2 products. Selecting an SiO2 product has never been this simple!

So maybe you've been wondering "Okay, Ashlee, which Final Boost should I use?"

Time versus Effort

Although it is an advantage to use both on the same application, it is best choosing by deciding how much time you have. If you'd like the quickest way of getting noticeable shine without waxing, then Final Boost is the one to use because it offers maximum return on shine and protection for the littlest effort. Again, it's a simple 'Spray and Rinse' application. Nothing more.

If you have the time and don’t mind the extra bit of elbow-grease then Final Boost +SUPERCHARGED is the best option to gain more protection and more shine for an extra 10 to 15 minutes work.

Washing with Ceramic Shampoo prior to Final Boost application only adds a better foundation and will increase the results of the Final Boost products.

OPTiX Nano Sealant Spray is used when you are wanting the best ever slickness and protection and is used as a dry application.

All the above products contain SiO2.

So there you have it! Choosing the right SiO2 needn't be a complicated process.

~ Ashlee

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