OPTiX Final Boost SiO2 - Water, begone from my sight (and car!)

Updated: May 5

OPTiX Nano Technologies has the solution to win back your time drying your car. Final Boost is a very effective product (and highly cost effective!) to add a hydrophobic layer to your car's surface, trims, mags, and windows.

Final Boost is a SiO2 hydrophobic spray that is a breeze to apply and does not require any elbow grease. If you can use a spray bottle, then you're qualified to use Final Boost!

The active ingredients clings to any solid surface that it comes in contact with at a molecular level and will repel water and or most things that contain some form of water. It changes the we care for our beloved vehicles by replacing the need to use wax or traditional sealants.

How to use: Firstly, wash your car then rinse it off. No drying is required at this stage; the car can remain wet. Spray OPTiX Final Boost onto the car's surface. Let Final Boost do it's work for a minute. Then rinse your car and watch the magic happen. You'll see water being 'repelled' off the car's surface. This is the hydrophobic effect of Final Boost.

Other neat properties of Final Boost are:

  • Extends the life of waxes and sealants by double if used regularly.

  • Great on wheels. Not only adding shine/sheen to your mags, it will make cleaning the wheel easier next time too.

  • Can easily be used in a wet application and a dry application.

Each 1L bottle of OPTiX Final Boost comes with a spray trigger.

Now that you've watched Final Boost in action, order now. The results in the videos speak for themselves!

And remember; we offer LayBuy as a payment method. Pay your order across 6 weekly interest-free installments! Here's the URL for more information regarding LayBuy:

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