OPTiX Shampoo is paint shop safe as it does not contain SiO2 (Silica).


OPTiX Shampoo is made in Japan and is made specifically for snow foaming which makes it a great choice for any method of washing. The ultra refined Japanese car wash does not contain waxes, has great cleaning power yet gentle on any high end waxes and made specifically for any type of ceramic coating.


OPTiX Shampoo is foam compatible and also works wonders even with a low pressure garden hose sprayer! Using this shampoo with a garden hose sprayer or foam cannon will make light work for instances such as pre-washing your car, keeping the exterior clean in between major details, or as a hands-free/bucket-less car wash.


Note: Garden hose sprayer and car depicted in the product photo gallery not included, sorry!

OPTiX Shampoo

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  • OPTiX Shampoo is available in 1 litre and 5 litre sizes.

  • Foam cannon compatible.

    Great foam, even from a low pressure garden hose sprayer! No matter where you are; we have you covered from east to west coast. Order now and be the envy of your mates this weekend.

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